Hiring a full stack react native developer

2 min readJan 23, 2021

We are early stage NYC based tech startup Kilimanjaro. We are hiring a full stack react native developer.

Our startup Kilimanjaro is a mobile marketplace for native and unique African & African Diaspora items in the United States. We already have a beta version built with early users.

We are looking for a dynamic, driven, and focused full stack react native developer who will like to make a difference with a tech startup focused on changing the marketplace on a global level for the African Diaspora space.

Skills you should have:

  1. Be well versed with building mobile apps in react native, ionic, or vue.
  2. Able to take a feature from spec to completion (UI, Data/Backend, Testing/QA, Future reworks/iterations)
  3. Experience building marketplace consumer products like Airbnb, Etsy, eBay, and others.
  4. You have UI/UX design experience and can instinctively tell what works or not. If not, you will quickly iterate via A/B testing to get it right.
  5. You are able to learn new technologies as we grow/scale

Who you should be:

  1. The intensity, impact, and risk of working at an early stage startup is what you’re used to and excites you.
  2. You’re a social, empathetic, and understand how powerful a strong community can be for peoples lives.
  3. You understands the power of focus. Focusing on the right goals, focusing on ways to move towards them, and focusing in our day to day work ethic.


You can work from anywhere, but preferably in a time zone (EST, CST) that makes it possible to coordinate with online meetings.


Salary plus equity.


Please send resumes and cover letters to support@thekilimanjaroapp.com.

Please note: We are all in COVID working environments now which means we all work remotely. Though remote work has its conveniences, it also means you never get to know someone really well.

So we’ll start with a paid 90-day trial and then if we have a fit (on both sides — you get to judge us, too) we will firm it up with a permanent offer.




Founder @kilimanjaro, author of 2 books, and video game design/ programming instructor. Connect with/message me on twitter @kttemanu